Written by Jean Morrison and Frank Baird

Events do not have to be large to be successful. You can inform millions through mass communication with just a few committed people, an interesting message, and excellent organizing. Following are some tips to help you organize a successful Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® Event. These are suggestions and helpful tips, not requirements.

General Event Planning Tips

Develop and stick to a realistic timeline. We have supplied one for you at the end of this section to facilitate your planning process.

Delegate . . . Delegate . . . Delegate. There are a lot of details and tasks involved in planning a Walk. We need dedicated people like you to continue working to end sexualized violence. Do yourself, and your event, a favor and don’t try to do everything yourself.

Integrate media, volunteer recruitment, and fundraising into every public education effort. Imagine everything that can go wrong and plan a solution to each potential problem in advance.

Before You Get Started

Review the Walk Organizer's Agreement and Purchase an Authorizing Ticket & License through Eventbrite. You must purchase an Authorizing Ticket & License to organize a Walk Event. Under NO circumstances may any individual, group or organization mount a Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® Event WITHOUT explicit permission in the form of a purchased Authorizing Ticket & License from Frank Baird, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes®, a Venture Humanity, Inc. through Eventbrite. Walk a Mile in Her Shoes®, the event, it's trademark and logos, are registered and protected by law from unauthorized use.

Review Directions for Creating the Walk Experience

First Steps

Funding Your Walk Event

Get Shoes Early

Walk Site & Route

Recruit Personnel & Press

Organizing Timeline

Register & Organize



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